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   Quilt Restoration and Repair     

Definitions and Philosophy

Repair and Restoration

       Sewing techniques applied to worn or damaged fabrics on the quilt in order to return the quilt to its previous condition. Fabrics used to repair worn areas can be period appropriate or modern reproductions. Discussion with the quilt owner determines the history and use of the quilt to determine the appropriate treatment.

Before Restoration

After Restoration using period fabrics


     Conservation stabilizes the quilt in its current condition and retains all original materials to prolong preservation. Conservation is used for quilts with a strong historical significance.

Donna applies a conservation mindset when working with quilts by respecting the work style of the original quilt maker. Each quilt is examined and treatment determined through consultation with the quilt owner(s).

                                To Schedule a Restoration Project

Contact Donna Langford by email at or call (815) 979-3374 to schedule a consultation. Treatment options will be discussed and determined during the consultation. Pricing is determined by the decided upon treatment.

Donna's Experience and Training

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